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Breakout Session / Monday / October 9, 2023 / 11:45 AM

Charting a New Course with Loyalty Marketing

Brands are struggling. Just consider these statistics from a recent study:

  • 54% find it difficult to interpret customer data and understand the needs of the moment.
  • 53% are challenged with creating personalized advertising experiences.
  • 47% said it is hard to deliver the right message at the right time, and 42% are struggling to find the right channel.
  • 23% are unsure what promotions will be most effective.
  • 19% can't change their strategy quickly enough to respond to unforeseen events.

So what’s a brand to do? Chart a new course, of course, and this panel will show restaurants how to rethink where and how they engage customers.


Bob Andersen | President | The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill
Bob Andersen is highly regarded as a restaurant industry leader with a successful track record in growing emerging restaurant brands. He has developed a unique and diverse perspective in all aspects of the restaurant business. His experience spans C-level and senior executive positions; to launching a restaurant start-up; to owning, developing and operating restaurants as a multi-brand franchisee; and serving as an area developer/representative. Brands he has worked with include: Jimboy's Tacos, Sunny Street Cafe, Cowboy Chicken, Twin Peaks, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes, and Boston Pizza. At The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, Bob is helping the brand carve out a niche in the "fine fast casual" space. The concept currently has 30 locations in 12 states with 48+ units in active development.
Jon Asher | Chief Marketing Officer | Nekter Juice Bar
As Chief Marketing Officer at Nekter Juice Bar, Jon Asher leads brand development and marketing, brand partnerships, franchise marketing, technology enhancement and innovation, menu innovation, and product development with a core focus on ensuring a fresh, frictionless and fun omnichannel marketing experience across all customer touchpoints in-store, online and out-of-home (OOH). He was responsible for transitioning Nekter’s loyalty program from punch cards to a pioneering mobile app with more than 1.3 million members and recently led a successful rebranding effort that helped propel Nekter Juice Bar to its position as one of the most successful next-gen juice bar brands in the country with more than 200 locations. Jon began his career as an Aerospace Analyst before switching over to marketing in the biotech, outdoor and fitness retail sectors, and now enjoys promoting a healthier lifestyle in the QSR space.
Josh Halpern | CEO | Big Chicken
Josh Halpern is the Chief Executive Officer for Big Chicken. Josh is a dynamic, partnership-focused, thought leader with a robust career in streamlining efficiency, driving innovation, building diverse engaged teams, and growing economic results across the CPG, retail, and restaurant verticals. Most recently, Josh served as the Chief Sales Officer for FIFCO USA, the 8th largest US brewing company, where he was responsible for commercial operations and building top and bottom-line results for Off-Premise, On-Premise, and company-owned brewpubs. Prior, Josh led the Anheuser-Busch InBev, On-Premise and Small Format channels in the US, and Shopper Marketing globally.
Sara Kear | Chief Marketing Officer | Condado Tacos
Sara Kear is Chief Marketing Officer at Condado Tacos, a NextGen fast casual taco joint on a growth trajectory, with 47 restaurants in 20 markets currently, with a plan for 80-100 restaurants by 2026, all company owned and operated. Sara's combined expertise in brand and digital marketing makes her a modern-day marketing maestro. For more than 15 years, she significantly advanced digital marketing in Columbus, Ohio serving as EVP of Marketing Services at Adept, advising CEOs and CMOs on brand growth strategies that delivered significant ROI. Now at Condado Tacos, she delivers exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint, combining brand + marketing to cultivate a new generation of taco, tequila and margs enthusiasts.

Dana Baggett | Director of Client Strategy, Restaurant Category | Vericast
Dana Baggett is Director of Client Strategy for the Restaurant Category at Vericast, a leader in intelligent media delivery and engagement. With a strong focus on data-driven campaign performance and innovation, Dana provides actionable insights and strategic direction to large and mid-sized restaurant clients as well as franchisees. Since starting at Vericast in 2008, Dana has used her 25+ years of experience and proven track record to launch consumer insight initiatives and media comparison tools, while also leveraging her expertise in such areas as category intelligence, analytics, and competitive analysis. She has been recognized multiple times for her marketing leadership, including the company’s prestigious Pillar of Excellence Award. Prior to joining Vericast, Dana worked in the media and marketing departments at The Home Depot as well as several advertising agencies. Dana is an active member of NextUp, Women’s Food Service Forum, and the Women’s Network at Vericast.
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