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Breakout Session / Tuesday / October 10, 2023 / 11:45 AM

Automation Beyond the Kitchen: Creating a Financial “Smart Stack” for Above-Store Efficiency

Business leaders understand that striking the balance between sexy, shiny new tech and good, old-fashioned hospitality is ideal when it comes to both finance and operations but figuring that out can be quite the conundrum. This session will discuss how to use ERP as the foundation to create the right software package for your data, benchmarking and operations efficiencies and will also reveal what to look for in a long-term, successful relationship with your accounting and technology advisors. Experts will explore how to power your decision-making with the right metrics and how to hit your organization's benchmarks with the right data to drive operational efficiencies.


Joseph Cox IV | Owner/Operator | McDonald’s
Joseph Cox’s McDonald’s journey began in 2006 as a maintenance person in Chicago. After fully immersing himself in the business, he became a licensed McDonald’s Franchisee in 2007. Joe currently owns fifteen restaurants in the Central Florida Business Unit. During his tenure, Joe has been selected to serve on many Boards, both on the Advisory and Director level, as well as numerous Councils. He served as the North Florida Business Unit President for two years prior to relocating to the Central Florida Business Unit. He currently serves on the Field Alignment Council for the Atlanta Field Office, is a member of the National Pricing Strategic Advisory Group NPSAG, a board member of the Florida Insurance Program Team, leads the Central Florida People Team, serves on the Central Florida By-Law committee, and on the Food/Beverage and Affordability Oversight committees. From 2001 to 2007, Joe was instrumental in founding Rubicon Technology where he rose to the position of Vice President of Operations.
Troy Hooper | CEO | Hot Palette Holdings
Troy Hooper joined Pepper Lunch as one of the three global business unit CEO’s for the brand, and oversees Pepper Lunch’s parent company in North America, Hot Palette America. Troy brings 30 years of unparalleled experience in hospitality, operations management and executive leadership to this role, which has fueled Pepper Lunch’s infrastructure development, growth efforts, and brand deliverables, creating a fruitful franchise model for the North American market. Throughout his career, Troy has successfully built new concepts, rebranded existing restaurants, and improved well-established venues for iconic brands. Troy’s decades of experience and business acumen brings a breadth of knowledge to the rapidly growing global brand, Pepper Lunch.
Sam Osborne | Owner | Rock N Roll Sushi
MJ Worsham | Director of Restaurant Technology | Five Guys
MJ Worsham is a career hospitality technologist with a proven history of working across both the brand and vendor sides of the industry. In his current role as the Director of Restaurant Technology for Five Guys – 1,830+ restaurants spanning 24 countries across the world – MJ is responsible for all Point-of-Sale systems (POS), above-store integrations, and store-level ERP system relationships globally in addition to the merchant processing relationship and various pilot projects in North America. MJ also consults internally on domestic and global strategic technology projects across multiple verticals of the business.

Frank McLaughlin | Partner | Antares Group
Francis “Frank” McLaughlin, CPA has more than 15 years of accounting experience. This experience ranges from being an assistant controller at a construction company, to working on audits of different industries, to auditing 401(k) plans, to working on consulting and planning with a hospitality and restaurant focus. Frank enjoys the connection he has with his clients, discussing their business and personal goals and helping them build a strategic plan around accomplishing those goals. Be it personal, business, tax, reinvestment, acquisition, divesting planning, Frank is always working to ensure the best possible outcome. Frank is the Technology lead of the firm. Whether that is in cloud accounting, automation or data and insights, Frank is always looking for what's next. Frank specializes in creating a holistic technology stack that helps our clients get more accurate information faster by enabling technology for team members to provide the best client service.
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