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Breakout Session / Monday / October 14, 2024 / 2:45 PM

Unlocking Brand Loyalty and Growth via Unforgettable Experiences

We all know creating connections with your audience is the best way to build repeat customers, and this session will explore exactly how to create the experiences responsible for forging emotional connections, fostering brand advocacy and unlocking new revenue streams.

Panelists will discuss experience-driven marketing and how to master the art of tailoring those experiences to ensure authenticity and a lasting impact. They’ll also explore technologies and approaches to build deeper customer engagement and how to measure success beyond likes and shares.


Mitch Baker | VP of Marketing | Robeks
Mitch Baker brings extensive marketing experience across multiple industries to his role of Vice President of Marketing at Robeks Juice. Baker leads the marketing team and its support agencies, focusing on brand building and local store marketing initiatives. He emphasizes the importance of the franchisee community as key to Robeks’ success and aims to foster this partnership to drive growth. Previously, Baker co-founded a coffee and juice concept where he was integral to the brands’ creation and marketing strategies. His career also includes roles at Blockbuster Video, Blockbuster Music, the American Cancer Society, and Walt Disney World, demonstrating his diverse and robust marketing background.
Benson Lau | Director of Business Development | Fluffy Fluffy
Chris Smith | Co-Founder & CEO | Zunzi’s & Zunzibar
Chris Smith, owner of Zunzi’s + Zunzibar, has never been one to put off until tomorrow what can be done today. It’s that drive that led him to become a Five Guys franchisee while still in college, going on to open seven locations within eight years. And it’s that same spirit that, upon his first visit to the Savannah sandwich shop Zunzi’s in 2008, drove him to declare that he would one day own the restaurant—a goal he eventually realized in 2014. Smith quickly refined the Zunzi’s concept, narrowing its wide-reaching menu to home in on its South African influences. As he set about planning an Atlanta location to showcase a new focus on fast casual dining in a fun and energetic atmosphere, he also set his sights on what he sees as a key part of Zunzi’s future success—a company culture founded on the principles of positivity, inspiration and community outreach.
Darren Spicer | Co-Founder & CEO | Clutch Coffee
Darren Spicer is the CEO & Co-Founder of Clutch Coffee Bar, a premium drive-thru beverage brand based in the Carolinas. A transformative leader, Darren helps companies grow in a way that positively impacts society and cultivates a sense of community. Under his leadership, Clutch has grown rapidly to multiple locations and established a fanatically loyal, recurring customer base through unparalleled customer experience, speed, quality, and investment in local communities and charities.

Amy Peart | CEO | HYVE Brand Concierge
More than 15 years ago, Amy Peart dove into the franchise marketing world, kicking things off at HYVE Brand Concierge, which used to be called UMI Marketing Solutions, as an Account Manager. With a lot of elbow grease, a vision in her mind, and a commitment to being the best, Amy became a driving force behind turning HYVE into a big name in the business. Being named CEO in 2020 only further amplified that drive! Amy is all about HYVE, and she's just as dedicated to making sure her partners and clients knock it out of the park. From building solid ties to providing HYVE's signature white-glove service, her motto is simple: "We take care of the details so you don't have to" – and that's been one of many keys to success from day one.
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