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Breakout Session / Monday / October 14, 2024 / 11:30 AM

Beyond Burgers & Fries: Diversifying Your Menu for Competitive Advantage

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, and consumers are demanding more than standard fast food, which means diversifying your menu is no longer an option, it's a necessity. This session will help attendees identify emerging trends and analyze their audience by learning how to segment customer base and tailor menu offerings.

It will also explore strategies to develop exciting menu items without sacrificing margins and how operators are using technology to streamline menu development, optimize costs, and personalize dining experiences.


Ian Courtnage | CEO | Evergreens
Justin Livingston | VP of Franchise Development | Ziggi's Coffee
Janet Monroe | CEO | ClusterTruck
Janet Monroe's leadership at ClusterTruck is underscored by a strategic approach that combines legal acumen with business savvy, honing the company's competitive edge. As CEO, Monroe has steered the company's strategic direction towards innovation in the food delivery industry. Her tenure is marked by a commitment to driving efficiency, fostering strategic growth, boosting community presence, and tackling new challenges head-on. Under Monroe's guidance, ClusterTruck has taken its first steps into franchising. A reflection of her calculated and thoughtful leadership style, this endeavor is aimed at amplifying ClusterTruck’s innovative model across new markets while maintaining the company's core values of efficiency and superior service. Monroe's dedication to scaling the business thoughtfully ensures that each new franchise upholds the high standards that have become synonymous with the ClusterTruck brand, reinforcing its role in shaping the future of food delivery.

Luis Lara | SVP, Business Development | Consolidated Concepts
Luis Lara is the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Consolidated Concepts, a Buyers Edge Platform company. Luis started working in restaurants when he was 16 years old. After graduating college, Luis worked with restaurants as a financial analyst for BMO Bank in Chicago and has also helped build customer databases and loyalty programs for restaurants. Today, Luis leads all new business development efforts and initiatives for Consolidated Concepts. His team works closely with emerging, regional and national restaurants, virtual and ghost kitchen operators, channel sales partners and supply chain consultants, private equity and venture capital firms. Luis enjoys working with clients and finding the right solution for their specific needs. Luis is also an Investor in EMERGING Fund, the leading growth equity fund for restaurant-entertainment concepts and restaurant technology.
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