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Brain Exchange | October, 19 | 2:00 – 3:30pm

1. Ensuring the Security of Your Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi networks at restaurants are a huge benefit to guests; however an unprotected network can result in unauthorized users gaining to access customers’ private information. Learn how to safeguard your brand and your customers most important data.

Sponsored by Airtight Networks

2. Digital Signage Strategy & Optimization

Discussion of how to develop a digital menu and merchandising strategy to maximize consumer engagement and ROI. Determine how to construct specific objectives to support your strategy while exploring how to use software, hardware, optimization, and analytics tools to support those objectives.

Sponsored by Allure Global Solutions

3. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

CSR has grown substantially over the past few years in all industries. During this session participants will go beyond the general description of corporate social responsibility and discuss more specifically what CSR means in the fast casual segment. Learn how “food with a story” can both benefit the communities you serve and grow your bottom line.

Sponsored by Heinz

4. The Roll of Parts and Service in Reducing Downtime and Life Cycle Costs

For fast casual businesses, kitchen equipment service and replacement parts play a pivotal role in providing high quality food and customer service by minimizing downtime, reducing cost and extending the equipment’s life cycle. Our discussion will address planned vs. reactive service, the value of certified service, parts distribution and the key questions to ask to determine the right approach or service/parts program for your stores.

Sponsored by Heritage Foodservice

5. Counter vs. Table Delivery Service: Maximize Revenue, Minimize Labor Cost and Turn Tables Faster

Best practices of counter vs. table delivery service with an emphasis on delivering food to the table faster, driving revenue and creating an exceptional guest experience.

Sponsored by HME Wireless

6. How to Implement Food Trends Into Menus

Discussion around the continuing trend of healthy eating and the growing trend toward heat inspired dishes.

Sponsored by Litehouse Foods

7. Supply Chain Cost-Cutting Measures

Restaurant brands large or small have the ability to reduce spend when it comes to their supply chain needs. Listen to brand leaders and experts as they address the challenges and solutions when it comes to getting the most bang for their buck.

Sponsored by McLane

8. Is Your Marketing Driving Revenue? How to Audit Your Company’s Marketing Performance.

Today’s restaurant headwinds are strong. Increased competition, decreasing traffic trends and market share fragmentation. Join this lively discussion on best practices in evaluating your marketing expenditures and generating higher returns.

Sponsored by Powers Agency

9. Food Claims on Menus

How far should we go, where is the industry headed, and what can future consumers really afford?

Sponsored by Simmons

10. Understanding Behavioral and Consumer Data

No matter the size of your organization, it’s important to remember the customer’s in charge. In this roundtable discussion, we’ll talk about how effective use of behavioral and consumer data can help you set yourself apart from competitors.

Sponsored by Service Management Group

11. Driving Traffic with Stored Value

How to drive results through stored value cards, which can be used for gift cards, promotional cards or mobile engagement. The best uses of card today to fit into consumers changing lifestyles.

Sponsored by Stored Value Services

12. Breaking Down Silos & Getting Your Teams to Work Together

Achieving “best in class results” in today’s competitive landscape is about more than just getting it “right”. It is about leveraging the success of all departments of the organization; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts right? Join us to discuss how your departments work together, the challenges we face while breaking down silos & how the no silo-ed workplace is the most successful.

Sponsored by TDn2K

13. Training When You Don’t Have Time to Train

The right Technology can drive big results when it comes to training employees of high-volume restaurant locations. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time is critical to a high performance team. We will discuss what is working for companies and what is not working to give you a better perspective on how to create a strategy for your organization that will allow you to compete in this ever changing marketplace.

Sponsored by Trendgistics

14. Balancing Technology with Labor and Cost

Everyone these days is trying to market and promote new “innovative” technology in all facets of the restaurant business, but when is too much just “too much”. Are we over-automating to eliminate labor cost or improve it? How do we decide when to invest in people (people manage people) versus in new technology and automation? There is a balance and every company must develop/create their own scale to decide.

Sponsored by Winston Industries