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MONDAY / OCTOBER 10, 2016 / 9:30 AM

The Future of Mcommerce and Restaurants

No one can argue that restaurants must embrace Mcommerce as a way to satisfy consumers expecting to use their mobile devices to place orders and to pay for their food. This panel goes beyond the stats showing you why it’s time to embrace Mcommerce and focuses on teaching operators exactly how to get on board with this must-have tech trend.


Christi Christian | Director of Marketing | Urbane Cafe

Christi Christian is the Marketing Systems Director for Urbane Cafe, a fast-casual sandwich and salad concept from Ventura, CA known for their healthy and delicious meals. Christi specializes in integrating new marketing systems including the development, design and launch of Urbane’s mobile app and loyalty program. She aligns the business with the heart of the community while bringing passion and energy to the brand through strategic marketing efforts. As a mother of four, wife and senior fourth degree black belt, she brings an abundance of experience and energy to the job.

Elizabeth Friend | Senior Foodservice Strategy Analyst | Euromonitor International

Elizabeth Friend is Senior Foodservice Strategy Analyst at Euromonitor International, where she has covered the global restaurant space since 2011. She has a background in investment research and securities trading. Professional interests include studying consumer behavior all over the world, tracking what people eat and how they live their lives.

Aaron Noveshen | CEO & Founder | Starbird & The Culinary Edge

Aaron Noveshen is the president and founder of companies that envision and embody the future of food including The Culinary Edge Ventures, Pacific Catch restaurants and Starbird. His latest endeavor is to change the landscape of convenience dining. Alongside Co-Founders Stephen Goldmann and Steven Goldstein, Aaron introduced Starbird as the first concept conceived, owned and operated by The Culinary Edge Ventures. With Starbird, Aaron introduces a new category of dining, “super premium fast food,” and transforms the traditional drive-thru experience with the removal of the car queue and the addition of mobile ordering and payment.


Christina Dorobek | Chief Sales Officer | LevelUp

As LevelUp’s Chief Sales Officer, Christina Dorobek is responsible for helping restaurants and retailers increase revenue and loyalty. Before joining LevelUp in 2009, Christina worked at the Center for Women & Enterprise, an organization that promotes economic independence through entrepreneurship. Since then, Christina has helped grow LevelUp into one of the largest loyalty, engagement and mobile payment platforms in the United States. As a part of LevelUp’s executive team, Christina is known for her energetic approach, expertise in the restaurant industry and passion for helping brands create fantastic mobile experiences.

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