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MONDAY / OCTOBER 10, 2016 / 2:00 PM

Brain Exchange

One of the highlights of the Summit is this deeply interactive session where you’ll work with others at your table on a specific topic, hashing out best practices and things you’ve learned. At the end of the Brain Exchange, leaders from each table will share their takeaways with the entire room. Come prepared to learn and to share!

Topics for this year’s Brain Exchange tables are listed below…



DIGITAL – Digitally Engaging Your Customers

Mobile and digital technologies have transformed customers’ experiences & expectations while creating opportunities for restaurant operators to use those same technologies to reduce operating costs and connect with customers. This discussion will include strategies as well as tactical programs, goals and challenges in capitalizing on mobile and digital customer engagement.

• Brodie Kirkeby | VP, Sales Americas | Cloud4Wi


ANALYTICS – Analytics as Assets

As restaurants strive to compete, their data stands to be the most commonly overlooked assets available to them. During this Brain Exchange Bill Creekbaum, VP of Product from GoodData, will discuss how QSRs are leveraging analytics to increase trust with operators and automate key workflows to dramatically improve margins.

• Bill Creekbaum | VP of Product | GoodData

Samsung Lettermark-Black

MILLENNIALS – The Restaurant as a Destination

Millennials, who are between the ages of 20 and 35, are using restaurants as a place to gather, to socialize and to enjoy good food. While millennials may not be the biggest spenders, studies show they eat out a lot providing more opportunity for restaurants. How are restaurant operators embracing this trend and meeting the tech savvy requirements of millennials.

• David Boerlin | Sr. Sales Manager | Samsung


LOYALTY – Loyalty Best Practices

As brands develop and evolve their loyalty strategies, make-or-break decisions are being made around rewards, mobile functionality, and customer communications. In this brain exchange, we will discuss why traditional loyalty programs are becoming less effective, talk about how brands are fighting customer loyalty fatigue, and share best practices for making loyalty a joyful consumer experience that keeps customers engaged with your brand.

• Zach Goldstein | Founder and CEO | Thanx


MOBILE – The Mobile Marketer’s Dilemma: SMS/MMS vs. Push vs. Beacons

Most marketers, if not all, have mobilized their email and made a mobile version of their site and app already, but driving ongoing engagement still seems to elude them. In this interactive session, our panel of industry leaders will share their key mobile engagement challenges and how they have solved them with SMS/MMS, push or beacon-based messaging. Marketers will learn from real world examples when each of these channels is most effective. This session will arm you to answer your CMO the next time he/she asks which mobile engagement tactics you need to focus your limited budget upon.

• Matt Silk | Head of Strategy | Waterfall


ENGAGEMENT – Finding, Engaging, and Resonating the Restaurant Audience

Fast Casual Restaurants are all vying for the same audiences, making the space hyper-competitive. xAd explores some of the innovative ways in which restaurants can find, engage, and convert the highly sought-after consumer, leveraging modern technology, creative, and product promotion.

• Andy Daidone | Director of Sales | xAd



FOOD SAFETY – Food Safety: Who is Responsible?

Everyone is responsible? Ensuring the food we serve is safe is not just a best practice; it is also required by law. Procedures, compliance, supply choices and decisions equal guest satisfaction. Adopt a culture of food safety awareness from C-Suite to part time staff and avoid the Chipotle moment.

• Susan Strong | Food Safety Specialist | Davidson’s Safest Choice


HEALTHY – Healthier, Fresher Menu Items: How Fast Casual Can Meet Consumer Demands

This topic discusses the prevalent consumer trend towards healthier, fresher foods and how fast casual operators can continue to lead innovation in foodservice. The discussion will be grounded in recent consumer and operator research and encourage dialogue about current and future impact on the industry.

• Jason Stemm | Vice President, PadillaCRT | Hass Avocado


OPERATIONS – Protect Your Brand by Managing What’s in Your Kitchen

How can you ensure your kitchen equipment is supporting/building brand quality?For multi-unit operations with corporate and franchise stores, knowing and managing the assets in your kitchen will improve kitchen operations and ultimately the guest experience. We will discuss the impact of asset management. Share your pain points and discuss solutions on how to keep track and manage the valuable assets in your kitchen.

• Bryan Librandi | SVP eCommerce Platform Management & Strategic Marketing | Heritage Foodservice Equipment

High Wide and Handsome

MARKETING – Marketing 101: Modesty is Costing You Money

Los Angeles-based ad agency High Wide & Handsome helps fast casual clients like The Habit Burger Grill and Lemonade get the credit they deserve for the quality they provide. In this roundtable discussion, agency founder and president John Truscott will help you identify the missed marketing opportunities that are costing you visits from new and existing customers.

• John Truscott | President | High Wide & Handsome


LTOS – Winning with LTOs – Leveraging LTOs to Drive Sales, Excitement and Loyalty

Limited-time offers are an important tool to drive sales and brand excitement. According to Datassential, LTOs have increased by 77% on menus in the past 10 years, driven by consumers demand for variety and uniqueness. In this conversation, we will share best practices and ideas on how to execute LTOs in Fast Casual concepts.

• Tim Annis | Associate Brand Manager – Foodservice | Kraft Heinz


PEOPLE – What Can You Learn From Your Front Line?

Engaged employees drive customer satisfaction. With the right program and metrics in place, you can create a direct link between employee engagement, customer loyalty, and sales. What are you doing to empower your front line and create a customer-centric brand?

• Katie Cofer | Customer Engagement Director | Service Management Group (SMG)


MENU – Menu Innovation

Every company is dealing with the problem of how to build an innovation pipeline. How does a company capture and commercialize innovative ideas. This table discussion will focus on how to build a culture of innovative thinking and a process around innovation.

• David Rose | Vice President of Marketing | Simmons


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