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Using SMS Marketing to Build Diner Loyalty and Drive Repeat Orders

Over 90% of consumers say they’d be open to signing up to receive text messages from businesses—and 55% have already done so. For food and beverage marketers, this presents a valuable opportunity to engage diners where they’re already browsing for their next meal: on their mobile devices.

In this session, you’ll learn how top food, beverage, and restaurant brands are using SMS marketing to connect with local customers, build diner loyalty, and increase online orders.


Justin Bartek | Marketing Director | bushi by JINYA

Justin Bartek, Marketing Director of JINYA Holdings, Inc., joined the team during the industry’s most challenging times. After joining JINYA, Justin immediately immersed himself in JINYA Holdings’ Japanese culture, navigating his way through each individual brand. Though new to him, Justin has focused on leading JINYA Holdings to success, and he consistently shows his dedication to the company and industry. He was an early adopter of the Clubhouse platform and has utilized it to be a thought leader in the restaurant industry. On Clubhouse, Justin discusses topics like brand marketing, restaurant development and digital marketing with other industry leaders.


Zach Goldstein | Founder & CEO | Thanx

Zach Goldstein is a die-hard Sacramento Kings fan; it was through many losing seasons where he first learned the value of loyalty. He founded Thanx in 2011 with the goal of helping merchants identify, reward and retain their best customers / die-hard fans. Previously, Zach worked with retail and tech giants at Bain and Company, where he focused on customer satisfaction and retention. He received his MBA from Stanford and shivered his way to a BA at Dartmouth.

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