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How To Get Ready for What’s Next!

Bob Vergidis is the founder and Chief Visionary at For over 30 years, his focus has been helping restaurant chains grow by providing them with the technology and ideas needed to compete on the same level as their larger competitors.

In this session, Bob will discuss the future of restaurants and what you can do to be ready for what is coming next. Covid has already moved the industry 15 years forward, but that was then. Now it is a whole new ball game with new competitors, partners, and huge opportunities. There might never be a better time for the restaurant industry, but it takes smart thinking and bold decisions. Bob will cover the key trends and talk about where you should be focused to take advantage of the new trends as well as avoid the pitfalls.


Bob Vergidis | Founder/Chief Visionary | The Point of Sale Cloud

Bob Vergidis’ passion for envisioning the future is matched by his ability to communicate it and bring it to life. Bob taught technology and lead change for a diverse list of clients including private companies, universities, the United States military, and Fortune 500 organizations around the globe. He launched one of the first knowledge-based incubators and founded an award-winning school for software development, e-media and design, as well as helped launch several companies and startups. Bob developed one of the first food mobile ordering solutions in 2000 and one of the first cloud-based point of sale systems.

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