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Chipotle VP chats digital strategy

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Nicole West, Chipotle VP Digital Strategy and Product, discussed with Curtis Campbell of Hughes Network how seriously the chain takes real-time engagement with its customers and what types of technology it is testing to improve the customer experience.

She said technology advancements are important to meet customer needs but only work well when they possess a “human element.”

“We have this solution that customers actually stop and say, “Wait, you’re not a person,'” she said during the Fast Casual Executive Summit in Seattle. “She sounds very converational, and I think that’s important. And just letting people know up front that we made that change to say ‘Hey, you aren’t really speaking to a human; everything you tell me is secure with the credit card you give me, etcetera, etcetera. And people have been responding to it pretty well.”

The 2019 Fast Casual Executive Summit is Oct. 13-15 in Austin. Register here.

Republished with permission from FastCasual.

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