• So many different brands here. So many emerging brands. This is probably the best place if you really want to find the leaders of the next generation of the restaurant business. It's really great.

    Scott Davis
    Scott DavisPanera Bread
  • The main thing for me is I've had the opportunity to interact and engage in conversation with a lot of the up-and-coming brands that may be where we were 10 or 15 years ago. So it's kind of been like a little bit of Rogaine for the brain. It's kind of stimulated some of those follicles that may have been dormant. It's got me thinking again and how better I can serve not only my own brand, but offer up ideas to some of these guys that are going through some of the pains that we went through.

    Robert Baxley
    Robert BaxleyZaxby's
  • For me it's all about the people. Amazingly talented, smart people in this industry and sharing ideas and hearing thoughts and expanding your mind. It's just a great time.

    Randy Gier
    Randy GierPizza Inn
  • Thanks for a really well organized, enjoyable conference.

    Arnel JavierBento Yo!
  • Thank you for all the answers, leads, connections, possible different ways to heat tortillas, etc. I'll be back with friends from Bueno Y Sano (Good & Healthy, Inc.) next year.

    Bob Lowry
    Bob LowryBueno Y Sano
  • See ya next year.... Thanks for another great event.

    Ody Lugo
    Ody LugoGiardino Gourmet Salads
  • I almost skipped the event this year as I thought I was too busy running my restaurants. Thank goodness I changed my mind and registered last minute. I always leave the conference with dozens of take-away ideas from not only the presenters, but from operators I meet during the breaks. Miami is on my calendar for 2015!

    Brian Bailey
    Brian BaileyIchor Restaurant Group
  • I really enjoyed the summit, got a lot out of it and was glad I made the decision to come.

    Andrew Hubbard
    Andrew HubbardBob Evans Farms
  • It was a pleasure to participate and look forward to 2015!

    Jason Seeley
    Jason SeeleyThe Wendy's Company
  • It was an honor to participate in the Fast Casual Executive Summit. I think you and your team hit an out of the park home run with the 2014 conference!

    Lon Southerland
    Lon SoutherlandAmerican Blue Ribbon Holdings
  • It is a pleasure to be back at the Fast Casual Executive Summit. It is great to be able to talk to other industry professionals. The amount of openness and sharing is really inspiring. And I cannot wait for the 10 year anniversary.

    Eric Ersher
    Eric ErsherZoup! Fresh Soup Company
  • It's been great. Just getting to know the folks. Meeting some other brands and other partners. Some real quality vendors. It's nice. I go to a fair number of conferences and this one's kind of smaller, a little more intimate. Gives you more time to actually get to know folks as opposed to being part of the crowd.

    Chad Bailey
    Chad BaileyRobeks
  • The information is down to a tee. I can take it back. I can use it. It's important to me. It can be important to my people, to my operation. It's a good thing.

    Barbara Burrell
    Barbara BurrellSky's Gourmet Tacos
  • Thank you all for a great experience! These events are never easy to organize and the preparation and thoughtfulness that went into this Fast Casual Executive Summit was tangible at every level. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you on this project. It was great to talk about what we do at SpenDifference while interacting with so many wonderful people.

    Peter Conway
    Peter ConwaySpenDifference
  • It was so nice meeting you all! What a great group of people. Thanks again to the Fast Casual show for having us as a sponsor again. See you next year!

    Keith Sawka
    Keith SawkaPhilips
  • The show was great! Thank you so much for your help! Well done!

    Michael Hagan
    Michael HaganLevelUp
  • This has been an awesome Summit. I’ve been a number of times and this is one of the very best. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly.

    David Gilbert
    David GilbertHeartland Payment Systems
  • We've met many of our existing customers. We have met many of our potential customers. We have met many of our partners and other suppliers. And everyone has been absolutely open and fantastic, warm and welcoming and sincere. We'll be back.

    Neil Sudaisar
    Neil SudaisarDIRECTV
  • The good thing about the Fast Casual Executive Summit is that it's an intimate gathering. The format is unique. It's very collaborative...There's true collaboration and interaction between vendors as well as vendors and operators. The content and information is always relevant...We've loved coming here to the Summit every year...I think as a package it's a great, fun conference to come to, as a vendor or as an operator.

    Mo Asgari
    Mo AsgariMonkey Media Software
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